The Problems with MVVM on iOS

And some ideas for making it better

July 15, 2015

I love all the discussions I’ve been hearing about MVVM on iOS lately (that’s the “Model, View, View Model” design pattern for those who are unfamiliar). And I’ve now seen four different implementations of the pattern in working apps, one of which I have been involved with myself. But, despite the positive direction MVVM encourages, I’ve . . .

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Exploring the New UI Testing Features of Xcode 7

Good first impressions, but some significant rough edges

July 01, 2015

So, I spent a bit of time on the weekend playing a little more in-depth with the new UI Testing APIs in the Xcode 7 beta 2. Please note that this is beta software, so many of my observations may not be true for the final release or future betas.

The Good

UI testing feels like an effortless and natural part of the . . .

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We Think About Code Too Much

June 09, 2015

Yesterday, during the lead up to the WWDC keynote, I started thinking about what really matters the most when it comes to software engineering. We (I include myself) tend to talk a lot about APIs, libraries, features, capabilities and tools as part of our work. And it often feels that making great code depends heavily on use of language . . .

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WWDC 2015 Wishlist

June 05, 2015

I stopped being excited about Christmas at around the age of 17. I stopped wondering what Santa would bring and stopped having sleepless nights leading up to the day itself. This made me sad for many years because I felt I lost something when I no longer felt the same exhilaration and anticipation for something new. But then I became an iOS . . .

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For Goodness’ Sake Apple, It’s Time to Open Up Bug Reporting

June 03, 2015

Update: While at WWDC I had the chance to talk to a few Apple engineers regarding the practice of "duping" radars as a way of upvoting certain issues. Despite my conclusion in the original post below that duplicating radars just floods the system with extra reports to process, it is in fact something that the engineers expect and . . .

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Code Coverage is a Terrible Metric

June 01, 2015

One of the areas I’m focusing on right now is the subject of testing. Automated testing in general, and at the moment, unit testing specifically. And one observation keeps jumping out at me:

Code coverage is a terrible metric

What is code coverage? Briefly, it’s the number or percentage of the lines of code in your . . .

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Why This Blog?

May 25, 2015

The title of this post is the question I asked myself as I fired up the silvrback blog platform and pressed the big "Get Started" button. I’ve posted on a number of personal blogs over the years on various topics, and there are already a ton of coder blogs in existence. So why should I start a new personal blog myself, specifically . . .

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